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Silver CT Sdn Bhd was established on 2003. Back then, our company was a small retailer of hair accessories. The first store opened in 2007 at Taiping and followed by 3 branches which located at Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Prai. In 2018, our company reformed and shift our business direction focus to online. Silver CT started build a Facebook page and sell goods live online.

Today, SCT’s Facebook page accumulative around 40 thousand of likes and …followers. SCT is proud of its accomplishments and is ready to take new challenges in expanding and strengthening our business. We will always bring lower price and good quality products to our customers.

Silver CT Sdn Bhd成立于2003年。当时,我们公司是发饰的小型零售商。首家商店于2007年在太平开业,其后在吉隆坡,柔佛和prai设有3家分店。2018年,我们公司进行了改革,并将业务重心转移到了在线上。Silver CT开始建立一个Facebook页面,并在线销售商品。

如今,SCT的Facebook页面累积了约4万个赞和…的追随者。 SCT为自己的成就感到自豪,并准备在扩展和加强我们的业务方面接受新的挑战。我们将始终以较低的价格和高质量的产品带给我们的客户。